New Arc-Iris Wood Eyewear

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New Mohair Feltpad Standard

Product no.: 1113

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Cactus Buckaroo Ranch Rope Lasso NEU (Länge: 40", Durchmesser: 5/16, Honda: Standard)

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New Uoza Black Label Poly

Product no.: 2062

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WonPad Felt Only (Color: Black, Length: 30, Width: 30, Thickness: 1)

169.00 € *
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Breastcollar in a Set with Headstall

Product no.: 1257-0000

99.90 € *
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Sidepull with Rawhide Nosepiece

Product no.: 1298-0000

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Gator Dust Rope Powder

Product no.: 2153

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Welcome to, your professional partner in Ropes and Roping accessories. Here you can buy Profi Lassos directly from the USA at reasonable prices. In addition, you get all the necessary accessories that you need to throw lasso, as well as a competent advice which Rope / Lasso you need and learn a simple step by step instructions to lasso. For those who are already a little further, we have interesting contacts and addresses to improve their skills and to compete with others.



At the moment we mainly carry ropes from Cactus Ropes. Occasionally and on demand we also order Classic Ropes and Willard Ropes for you. These are ropes for the arena such as team or calf ropes as well as ropes for the ranch. In addition, we also carry left-handed ropes for you. However, the offer is too big to regularly have all ropes in stock. If something is missing in the camp it takes about three weeks until we have the Rope there. To see which Ropes are immediately available look under: In stock.
If you are not sure which Rope is the right one to write and maybe the best or browse in the following pdf:

Buy Lasso Guide

A simple overview of the Cactus Head Ropes can be found here:

Cactus Head Rope Chart

A simple overview of Cactus Heel Ropes can be found here:

Cactus Heel Rope Chart

(The overviews are not up to date any more, because the Cactus product range has changed a bit) There are some ropes that are not yet listed and some of the ropes that are still listed are not available any more to

Anyone looking for a Team Roping Partner may find him in our Team Roping Partner Finder:

Team Roping Partner Finder

In the following overview you will find Roper, who are also looking for partners:

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And if you´d like to sell a used rope, you can easily use the following form:

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