How to rope step by step

Learning to throw a lasso is not that difficult, but it has a lot to do with practice and repetition. First of all, it's about bringing your body, or your musculature, the right movement sequences until the basics work automatically and you can then focus on your goal. The automated sequence of movements can then be flexibly influenced to react quickly to the situation and to hit the target.

But I start at the very beginning and explain in small steps which are the components of the Rope, how you act the Rope correctly and how you then throw it properly in the end.

Step 1 - Parts of a Rope

It ain´t many parts a rope is made of, but this few you should know.

Step 2 - Coiling

The next step is coiling, picking up the ropes.

Step 3 - the loop

As thord step I will show you how to build the loop.

Step 4 - how to swing a rope

As next step I will know show you how to swing your rope properly.

Step 5 - hit the goal

The fifth step in the line is o catch the goal.