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About us

Who are we:
In the anonymity of the Internet it is always quite pleasant to know with whom you have to do it. Therefore we want to introduce ourselves here briefly. Behind this online shop are the ideas and the implementation of Toby and Rubina Schütgens. We have both been doing so for as long as we can think in one way or another with horses. Today, it is not just a job or a hobby for us but a common passion. Over the years, you have a lot of experience, especially with regard to the equipment. This experience is now flowing into this online shop. So we are happy that you can now benefit from our advice and our offer. The legal framework for this platform is provided by the company "European Horse Service Ltd." You can find more about this on the company's website:
In this sense, enjoy browsing and shopping. And if you ask, you know who you can turn to
LG Toby & Rubina

At the moment we have the following products from the following manufacturers:
Cactus Ropes, Willard Ropes, Classic Ropes, Classic Equine, Professional Choice, Cactus Gear, CSF, Absorbine, Life Data Labs, Tuff Stuff, Myler Bits, Bassoli, Emiko and more


Information / News:
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Her with your used !!!

We buy your used Ropes. No matter whether it's Ranch Rope, Head Rope, Heel Rope, Break Rope or Calf Rope. No matter what manufacturer, offers us what you have. If you want to try out a new Rope and have bought a new one, we will buy your old one. Please send us an email with one - two pictures, a few info and your price presentation to or use the following form. Click here.

The contents of the website at a glance
Roping & Roping Accessories

Our main focus is the sale of Ropes / Lassos from the different styles. For example, we sell head and heel ropes for Team Roper, Calf Ropes for Calf Roper and breakaway roping, as well as various Ranch Ropes for ranch work or Ranch Roping Competitions. We also offer all accessories, which may be necessary. For example, we would have Breakaway Hondas, Dally Wraps, Rope Bags, Gloves and special items such as Ropes extra for left-handers. To practice, we offer you some Roping dummies. Different heads for different purposes on request but also completely finished dummies.

Western Horse Tack

If you really want to rop from the horse needs of course still a lot of further equipment. We will continue to help. We sell saddle pads, for example simpler from felt, but also those with modern high tech materiaia to the horseback best possible to spare, saddle straps, for example Mohair or Alpaka belts in Roper form, but also Feather Flex belts from Classic Equine, schooner like sapwood and Bell Boots as well as Skid Boots from manufacturers like Professional's Choice and Classic Equine.


In order to keep the horses fit for your job, hoof processing is particularly important. Whatever style. The hooves are the foundation of the horses and without a good foundation, everything becomes somewhat wobbly. For the ambitious private man or the professional hoof worker, we have everything from the hoof rasp, hoofbuck, hoof knife and hoof knife to care for the foundation of the horses. Only a horse that has a high quality of life, feels comfortable and is absolutely fit can do a good job. Whether as a leisure partner or as a professional rodeo or tournament professional.

Additional Feed

Often it is necessary to provide the horse with additional feed to keep it healthy and fit for the job. This already begins, for example, with funds for healthy airways. Hay dust consists of about 70% of fungi, which affect the respiratory tracts of the horses. There are a number of different ways to make the cough easier and keep the respiratory tract fit. On the subject of "mushrooms", another keyword is becoming increasingly important: detoxification. The environmental impacts are rising not only for us humans but also for our horses. For this purpose, we have a variety of remedies for detoxification and detoxification. But also mineral fodder for healthy hooves and a healthy coat, as well as metabolism supporting agents.


We have to sell items to live on, but it is also very important for us to make sense. So we provide you with all kinds of information and advice on all our topics